Report from the trip to Tashi Lhunpo Monastery, Bylakuupe, South India, January 2015

We met up with pen pals from a local Tibetan refugee school we had been sending letters to since May 2014. The first meeting was exciting as we had lots of questions to ask each other and gifts to present. We visited a coffee plantation, experiencing how many different fruits, seeds and beans are grown (such as peppercorns, mandarins, cardamon and coffee) We even got to meet the workers, who were very enthusiastic; climbing trees to grab some fruit for us to try. The chili's were definitely have a memorable effect. (both) We spent a day within the monastery, first of all watching the morning assembly and listening to some poems the children had written. We were then given a presentation on the situation of Tibet, from the beginning to the present time. After this we had another question and answer session; this included questions about our lives and also questions we had for the monks about their beliefs. A very rewarding experience, widening our knowledge of the Buddhist culture and religion.

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