Design and Technology: Food Technology Curriculum

Food Technology runs for Year 11 students who are finishing off their GCSE qualification. 


Year 11 GCSE Food Technology (AQA)

Autumn Term
Students will continue to work on their controlled assessment. They will cover most of criterion points 2 and 3 by creating design ideas that are appropriate to their brief and trial a selection of their ideas. They will then develop one of their chosen ideas by carrying out a range of experiments to adapt their product to meet their product specification.

Assessment w/c 7 December 2015

Spring Term
Students will conclude their controlled assessment by producing detailed evaluations and producing their final product. They will then evaluate the final product suggesting ways the product could me manufactured on a larger scale in industry making reference to machinery and legislation.

Assessment w/c 22 February 2016

Summer Term
Finally, students will revise rigorously for unit 1 (the written paper) worth 40% of their final grade. Students will practice exam questions and develop their exam techniques and skills.

Examination period w/c 9 May 2016

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