Further Maths Curriculum

Further Maths runs for Sixth Form students only (Years 12 and 13).

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Year 12

Autumn Term
In Year 12 pupils do 3 modules: Further Pure 1, Decision 1 and Statistics 2. In this first term we will be teaching Decision 1 and Further Pure 1 simultaneously. Pupils will do short topic tests. Tests will be made up of previous exam questions.

Decision 1 topics: Algorithms, graphs and networks, minimum connector problems, Dijkstra’s Algorithm, the Chinese Postman Problem, the Travelling Salesperson Problem, linear programming and the Simplex Algorithm.
Further Pure 1 topics: Sums of series, roots of polynomials and complex numbers.

Spring Term
In this term we will continue with Further Pure 1 and move onto Statistics 2. Pupils will do mock a full Decision 1 paper and half a Further Pure 1 paper for their mocks. Our aim is to finish the course by Easter.

Further Pure 1 topics: Matrices and proof by induction.
Statistics 2 topics: Sampling, significance testing, Poisson distribution, normal distribution and probability density functions.

Summer Term
After Easter pupils will be revising by recovering topics in class.
After the exams pupils will start their Year 13 modules. Pupils will study Further Pure 2, Further Pure 3 and Mechanics 2 in Year 13.

AS: Revision
A2: Further Pure 2: Rational functions
A2: Further Pure 3: Group Theory

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Year 13

Autumn Term
In Year 13 pupils continue the 2 modules (Further Pure 2 and Mechanics 2) that they started with their teachers after Year 12 exams (one teacher per module). Pupils will do topic tests throughout the term. Pupils will work towards doing full mock papers in the February mocks.

Further Pure 2: Hyperbolics, approximation and errors, polar coordinates, series and integrals.
Mechanics 2: Projectiles, work, energy, power, rigid bodies in equilibrium, centres of mass, impulse and restitution.

Spring Term
Pupils will now move onto Further Pure 3 with both teachers.

Further Pure 3: Vectors, differential equations, group theory, complex numbers
Mechanics 2: Circular motion and impulse and restitution.

Summer Term
This term will be used for revision for all modules.

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