We are delighted to say that the hard work of our students and staff, and the improvements we have made in teaching and learning over the last four years, has resulted in another set of outstanding GCSE and A Level results. We continue to outperform most state schools in the North East of England and on almost all key measures we have achieved the best results in the school’s history in one of the last two years.


Summary of GCSE, AS Level, A Level and Vocational Subject Grades

The summaries of subject grades is available below:

The summaries indicate the number of students achieving each grade in each subject. These should be read with caution and not used to make comparisons between subjects because the ability levels of the students starting each course will have been different.


GCSE Results

The key indicators at GCSE level are shown below. The DfE is publishing new measures to judge a school’s performance this year and on three of the four measures, we are the top school in Northumberland once again. We are particularly proud of our progress measures which demonstrate that students perform well whatever their abilities or starting points.

  2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016
Attainment Best entry
(unless stated)
First entry
(unless stated)
Attainment 8 – Average GCSE Grade across 8 subjects       5.46 5.67 5.56
% of students achieving A*-C in English & Maths 76 75 70 74 81 80*
% of students achieving the English Baccalaureate 29 32 39 42 41 39
% of students achieving A*-C English 81 83 78 76 84 87*
% of students achieving A*-C Maths 82 81 79 85 86 83
Progress 8 Score       +0.23 +0.41 +0.32
Best 8 Value Added 999.6 1011.1 999.7 1008.8 1021.9 1021.9
% of students making expected progress
in English Lang
72 82 78 76 86 86
% of students exceeding expected progress
in English Lang
18 49 42 38 35 52
% of students making expected progress in Maths 79 84 82 84 86 84
% of students exceeding expected progress in Maths 42 55 49 42 54 55


Best performance at QEHS
Key indicators published by DfE in January 2017
* English includes Language and Literature

A Level and Level 3 BTEC/OCR Results

The key indicators at the end of Year 13 are shown below. The Average Grade Per A Level entry of B- was the highest in Northumberland in 2015 (QEHS was the only school to average above a C+ grade) and we expect this to be the case again when the performance tables are published in January 2017.

The DfE is changing the points scale for A Level and Vocational courses. The old scale is used in the table below for comparative purposes. On the new scale (which measures an A* as 60 points, an A at 50, a B at 40 etc), our 2016 APS per entry score was 36 (a B-).

An increasing number of students are taking vocational courses in the sixth form and many study a mixture of A Level and vocational BTEC/OCR courses. Our APS per entry for vocational courses for 2016 using the new points score measure was 43 (still a Dist*-).

  2013 2014 2015 2016
A Level – Average Points Score Per Exam Entry 220 222 236 227
A Level – Average Grade Per Exam Entry C+ C+ B- B-
A Level – Percentage of all A Level entries graded A*-B 52% 55% 64% 61%
BTEC & OCR Level 3 Courses – Average Points Score Per Exam Entry 235 232 238 249
BTEC & OCR Level 3 Courses – Average Grade Per Exam Entry Dist+ Dist+ Dist+ Dist*-

AS Levels

At QEHS students only take AS levels at the end of Year 12 in unreformed subjects (AS Levels in reformed subjects don’t count towards the final A Level grade and an increasing number of schools in the independent and state sector are adopting the model we introduced in 2015/16). As there are a decreasing number of unreformed subjects, overall comparisons with previous years are not possible although the results are noted in the summaries below for information.


Student Destination Data

Details regarding student destination data can be found by following this link: https://www.compare-school-performance.service.gov.uk/school/122356