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This week we are happy to welcome visitors from our partner school, Lycée Flaubert in Rouen, as part of the annual French Exchange. 36 students from Year 10 and Year 12 are hosting their exchange partners for a week in hope of making new friends and developing their understanding of the French language and culture.

Mr Harbron, who organises the French Exchange said "Our students benefit enormously from the opportunity to use their language skills beyond the classroom and see that they are not just working towards their GCSEs or A-levels but that they are also developing a life skill. This is a valuable experience for our students and we are happy to renew our partnership with Lycée Flaubert for a 6th year".

Before leaving Hexham, the French group, lead by Mme Pigny, will have participated in lessons at QEHS, explored the region with trips to Beamish and and Newcastle and travelled up to Edinburgh.

In March 2017, our students will travel to Rouen for the second part of the exchange.