Year 13 Mock Exams are from Monday 16 January to Friday 20 January 2017.

Although no formal teaching will take place this week, we have asked teachers to arrange catch up/study support sessions during lesson times, with individual students based on need and their availability.

All BTEC, OCR and art (fine art, graphics and photography) lessons are, however, continuing as normal and these students should continue to come in for their lessons. For students who wish to revise within school, the LRC and Sixth Form study area will be available and, if necessary, additional study rooms will also be made available. The Sixth Form Café and Café extension will also be open.

Mock exams are of great importance; results from these exams will give students an indication of what they need to do to achieve their target grades (and better) in their actual exams. It is essential that students prepare thoroughly for their exams using the forthcoming weeks to revise. Students need to attach the same importance and bring the same positive attitude to these exams as they will do for their actual exams.

Students who fail a trial exam and who have been a cause of concern in that subject due to a lack of effort and/or poor attitude and/or attendance may be withdrawn from the summer exam.

The mock exam timetable is on the school website and students have been given an individual exam timetable. Clashes have been highlighted on individual student timetables. Students must note carefully in their planners when and where their exams will take place and they must ensure they arrive on time (a minimum of 15 minutes before the start of the exam).

Students who sit their exams in separate rooms

Students with support in the Base will have rooms and arrangements explained to them by Individual Support staff. For other students, on each day of the exam period there will be lists available outside the main exam room, in the exams office and in the pastoral office, of separate room arrangements. Students will be expected to check in good time where they are meant to be.

Mobile Phones

Students are not allowed mobile phones, MP3 players, MP4 players etc. in the exam room. Where possible we would ask that students leave them at home but where this is not possible they must be handed in before the start of the exam. To allow this to happen, students need to arrive in good time for their exams and an exam invigilator will collect in electronic equipment.

Conduct in Exams

The Exams section on the student area of the school website has a range of important information regarding conduct in exams. It is important that students read this carefully.