Does anyone have the mobile number of The Chancellor of the Exchequer? Our Sixth Form students have been rewriting the economic policies of Philip Hammond.

The Year 12 A Level Economics students are concluding their first year of study by teaming up to identify the challenges currently facing the UK economy and recommend policies that will allow the UK to more effectively meet its economic objectives. They were asked to design and deliver a persuasive presentation using economic theory and available data...and then defend their policies to the scrutiny of the audience, which was made up of fellow students and members of staff including Executive Headteacher Mr Atkins.

Judged against strict criteria, the overall winners were Euan Farrington, Duncan MacGregor and Jack Stedman.

Influenced by Smith, Ricardo and Hayek, their range of policies included a reduction in Corporation Tax, a reduction in Quantitative Easing, more R&D grants, an increased airline tax, increased spending on education, cutting Job Seekers Allowance for under 24s, the legalisation and taxation of cannabis and a points-based immigration system.

Competition winner Duncan commented, “I have really enjoyed studying the performance of the UK economy as it has given me a new insight into its current state. It has prepared me for some of the work that I may encounter when I go to university”. Neil added that “planning the presentation was a lot of fun. You go into it feeling like you can solve the UK economy with a click of your fingers but you soon realise that this isn’t true!” Jack thought that “the presentation really helped develop my team working skills and showed us just how stressful solving these problems are – I don’t envy the UK government!”

Economics teacher, Phil Keay, said that he was extremely impressed by the dedication of all the students. “They worked together in collaboration both in and out of school to give slick presentations that showed off what they have learnt and how they could improve the economy. The experience further developed their skills of organisation, collaboration and presentation. In addition to their knowledge and understanding of economics, these are exactly the skills that they will need for university and a career”