Fifteen of our Year 10 computing students ended a trip as proud owners of the latest Raspberry Pi kit, and Mr Williams brought back an Oculus Go – he promises to bring in to school once it is charged up!.

We were guests of EY at their annual conference, this year focusing on the future of technology. Not being sure what this meant, we went with open minds - and were rewarded:

  • Artificial Intelligence can be great, but getting beaten at Connect 4 by a computer is not much fun, and we need to watch out for deep fakes (
  • Virtual Reality can make you ill, but it is very funny watching someone else with a headset on
  • Augmented Reality can really enhance the world around us and we used HP Reveal to create some of our won content. We will also look out for BlippAR.
  • Process Mining is very powerful and enables us to delve into real data to identify real yet fixable issues, like with the Finnish health care system

Our final session was using Raspberry Pis to hack Minecraft and we wrote code to modify the world. The Great Wall of China and the Empire State Building were slightly better than the Obsidian Pyramid that Mr Williams and Miss Campbell managed!

Many thanks to the team at EY - both for the day and the gifts!