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Last Friday, a cohort of almost eighty former pupils of Queen Elizabeth Grammar School began to arrive in Hexham to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the commencement of their secondary education in the town.

A smaller group, who have met for regular annual get togethers, set about organising a major reunion, which was held at Hexham Abbey function rooms on Saturday 15 September. Planning began over a year ago and involved booking the venue and setting up a Facebook page to track down and recruit members who were cross referenced against lists from yearbooks. The Hexham Courant also ran an article several months ago, which attracted more attendees.

The ticketed event was a great success and, prompted by name and photo badges, rekindled many old friendships with people coming together from Cincinnati and Philadelphia in the USA, Italy, Germany, Austria and all over the UK. Owen and his team at the Abbey provided a marvellous venue and hits from 1968-75 played throughout the evening. The majority verdict came in shortly after midnight: ‘A fabulous night; we can’t wait to do it again’.

This was Class 5A at the time... (click for larger view)

And this is Class 5A now! (click for larger view) 17 out of 25 in the class attended the reunion.