We have provided some information for parents/carers on the issues of Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) and PREVENT:

The following national websites also provide useful information and advice.

Action for Children - www.actionforchildren.org.uk
Barnardo's - www.barnardos.org.uk
Beating Eating Disorders - www.b-eat.co.uk
Bullying UK - www.bullying.co.uk
Carers UK - www.carersuk.org
Childline - www.childline.org.uk
Contact a Family - www.cafamily.org.uk
FRANK - www.talktofrank.com
Kidscape - www.kidscape.org.uk
Mind - www.mind.org.uk
Gingerbread - www.gingerbread.org.uk
Parentline Plus - www.parentlineplus.org.uk
Youngminds - www.youngminds.org.uk