Higher Education Evening for Parents – Tuesday 26 April 2016

Thank you to all parents who attended this event and we hope you enjoyed the evening and found it informative. Below are links to the presentations given by Jenny Trapp, Rebecca Ruddick and Michelle van Den Berg.


Reminder of Progression Timeline Key Dates

26 April 2016 Higher Education Advice Evening
28 April 2016 Higher Education UCAS Convention (Newcastle Arena)
16 May 2016 AS Level exams begin – exam leave from half term
14 June 2016 onwards Next Step Conference and Progression Week – students return to school from exam leave: Year 13 begins.  All students must attend.

6 September 2016

7 September 2016

Year 13 students meet with teachers and predicted grades finalised

Lessons resume

September 2016 UCAS paragraphs completed by staff and applications can be completed by students.
September/October 2016 Referees support students with their applications

15 October 2016: Oxbridge/Medicine/Dentistry/Vet Science

21 October 2016: QEHS deadline for all applications