Graeme Atkins [Executive Headteacher]

Andy Byers [Head of School]

Diane Harris [Senior Deputy Headteacher]

James Andriot [Deputy Headteacher]

Sarah Sparke [Federation Business Manager]

Dave Todd [Assistant Headteacher: Pastoral]

Ruth Platts [Assistant Headteacher: Key Stage 3/4 Achievement and Progress]

Pete Elliott [Assistant Headteacher: Technology for Learning, Federation post]

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Graeme Atkins (Executive Headteacher)

  • Overall strategic leadership and development
  • School evaluation
  • School development plan
  • Oversight of safeguarding arrangements 
  • Budget planning and monitoring
  • Facilities and buildings
  • Strategic community links

Line manages: Head of School, Federation Business Manager

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Andy Byers (Head of School)

  • Day to day management of the school
  • Student/school outcomes (achievement, behaviour and safety, teaching)
  • Target setting
  • Curriculum and options
  • Teacher recruitment and staff deployment
  • UCAS
  • Sixth Form funding

Line manages: Deputy Headteachers

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Diane Harris (Senior Deputy Headteacher - Personal Development, Behaviour, and Welfare)

  • Overall leadership of the Pastoral Team
  • Oversight of behaviour and safety
  • Safeguarding lead and student safety including child protection, online safety, anti-bullying, general safety awareness and conduct
  • Provision for disadvantaged students
  • Alternative provision, EOTAS and work-related learning (including careers advice and guidance)
  • SEND provision
  • Whole-school behaviour and safety policies including attendance, SEN and safeguarding and analysis of their impact
  • Multi-agency co-ordination
  • PSHE
  • Oversight of Sixth Form pastoral arrangements

Line manages: Assistant Head: Pastoral, Assistant Head: Technology for Learning, SENDCo, PSHE Co-ordinator, Rowing Co-ordinator

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James Andriot (Deputy Headteacher - Teaching, Learning, and Assessment)

  • Overall leadership of the Curriculum Team
  • Quality of teaching
  • Management and monitoring of Curriculum Leaders
  • Whole-school teaching policies including literacy and numeracy
  • Lead Continuing Professional Development (CPD) including induction training
  • Whole school literacy development including Accelerated Reader programme and literacy classes
  • Sixth Form enhancement programme

Line manages: Assistant Head: Achievement and Progress (KS3/4), Assistant Head: Achievement and Progress (KS5), Curriculum Leaders (English/Maths/Science), Literacy Co-ordinator

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Sarah Sparke (Federation Business Manager)

  • Budget planning and finance procedures and systems
  • Facilities management
  • Health and safety
  • Community education
  • School catering
  • Capital bids/projects
  • HR management

Leads: Federation Site Manager, Federation Finance Manager, Federation Catering Manager, PA to the Headteacher, HR Administrator

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Dave Todd (Assistant Headteacher - Pastoral (KS3/4))

  • Attitudes to learning and motivation
  • Attendance and punctuality
  • Behaviour
  • Adherence to school rules including uniform
  • Pastoral transition from middle schools
  • Student Voice
  • Co-ordination of registration and tutor periods
  • Students' Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural (SMSC) education including preparing for life in 21st century Britain
  • Assemblies programme
  • Monitoring student participation in enrichment and extra-curricular provision

Line manages: Pastoral Leaders, Attendance Officer

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Ruth Platts (Assistant Headteacher - Achievement and Progress)

  • Student progress and achievement
  • Transition and progression events and processes (including transfer from Middle School)
  • Monitoring student progress (including key groups of students) in relation to individual achievement targets
  • Data collection and reporting to parents/carers
  • Student groupings
  • Student intervention programmes, including target groups, co-ordination of parental awareness of revision programmes and Sixth Form Supervision programmes
  • Public and pre-public examinations

Line manages: Curriculum Leaders (non-core subjects)

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Pete Elliott (Assistant Headteacher - Technology for Learning (Federation Post))

  • The development of new technologies to support learning including the Federation IT strategy
  • The use of online learning tools and IT infrastructure
  • School websites including compliance with legal requirements
  • e-Safety
  • Students' ICT skills development
  • Monitoring the quality of teaching (HMS)

This role will be split between QEHS (0.60fte) and HMS (0.40fte).  At HMS the responsibilities above apply and in addition the post holder will have additional responsibilities for monitoring the quality of teaching and learning at HMS and contributing the CPD programme there in relation to teaching and learning and e-learning/safety.

Line manages: Federation Network Manager

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