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We all use technology in our everyday lives and it is vital that we are able to use it safely. In the event that we feel unsafe about something, we need to know what to do.

Through assembly and tutorials you will discuss the potential issues, hazards and precautions you can take when spending time in online environments such as chat rooms, online gaming worlds, IM, online shopping, email, SMS and social networking sites. To refresh yourself, or to learn more about internet safety, use the links below.

The school has an acceptable use policy (AUP) that endeavours to ensure maximum online safety whilst we are in the school environment by educating all of our community and preventing access to non-educational sites.


e-Safety Update: Snapchat (June 2017)

You have been told before about the risks of being on social media and adding people you don’t know. Paedophiles and those who groom have used social media to pose as young people and even steal an identity to get close to other young people. Despite the warnings you may have added someone you do not know, because they have some friends in common or have similar interests as you. You may have added someone you think you know but their identity may have been stolen. Would you want these people to know your location? Probably not?

So what can you do...

The easiest and by far the safest way to stop the app from sharing your location is to turn off location services for Snapchat. However, this will stop some functions from working.

Snapchat themselves have also offered several options for this new service.

The first is “Ghost mode”. It is the safest of the in-app options. This means that no one will see your location. You can still see the map and use it to find out where your favorite celebs are and what they are doing but your location and information is safe.

The second is that you can choose to share your location with a select few close friends that you trust.

The last option shares your location with all of your Snapchat “friends”.

You can choose these options in the settings section of Snapchat.


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CEOP and Facebook have developed a new free application or 'app' that will make young people safer within Facebook. 'ClickCEOP' is a new 'app' which links the young user and parent directly from their Facebook home page to help, advice and reporting facilities of the Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP) Centre.


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