There are approximately twelve thousand books in the LRC. These are divided into three main areas:

These are "made up" stories. To help you choose a book, they have been categorised into "genres" and colour coded.

Non Fiction
The non fiction section is arranged by the Dewey Decimal Classification system. This means that you will be able to find a book by the number on its spine. The numbers start at 000 and go up to 999.99.
To find out more about these systems, visit the Book Classification page.

Reference books include dictionaries, encyclopedias, directories, indexes, atlases and maps. These books must always be available for other people to consult. They are shelved with the non fiction books but they have a red label to indicate that they cannot be taken out of the LRC.


The LRC holds a range of magazines and newspapers. These are a good source of up to date information as they are published regularly. They are:

Subject Magazine Frequency Location
Art and Performing Arts Art Review Monthly 700
The Stage Weekly 792
Business and IT Business Review 4 x a year 650
Computing Weekly Weekly 004
Computing Which? 6 x a year 004
IT Week Weekly 004
Economics Economic Review 4 x a year 330
Economics Today 4 x a year 330
The Economist Weekly 330
English and Media E Magazine 4 x a year 420
The English Review 4 x a year 420
London Review of Books Fortnightly 420
Media Magazine 4 x a year 302.2
General Interest Flipside Monthly 500
RSPB Birds 3 x a year 590
History BBC History Monthly 900
Languages Mia (Spanish) Only back copies held 468
Omnibus (Latin) Only back copies held 970
Science New Scientist Weekly 500
Physics Review 4 x a year 530
Planet Earth 4 x a year 910
Social Sciences Psychology Review 4 x a year 150
Sociology Review 4 x a year 301


Videos & DVDs

There is a small but growing number of videos and DVDs in the LRC. They are educationally related resources and might include films, IT and Business case studies and screen adaptations of books studied in English Literature.