Mentioning skills

Over the years one area of difficulty has been how to write about skills such as problem solving, communication and teamwork skills. Our recommendation is that students should write about their experiences and let these reflect the skills that have been developed. In this first example the student has not mentioned the skills he has developed – they speak for themselves!

I was club captain of the school rowing club last year and I enjoyed the challenge of planning events, training and fundraising as well as working with and supporting other members of the club. This year I am the captain mentor, advising the new captains on any problems they may have and also giving them guidance. The club has recently had a problem with coaching, so I have been involved with coaching members of the club.

This is excellent evidence of teamwork and communication skills – there is no need to state: “These experiences have improved my communication and team work skills”.

Here, however, are two further examples, of how a student can mention skills in a “reflective” way:

Example 1

I am involved in a range of musical and sporting activities, playing clarinet in the school Wind Band, singing in the choir and keeping goal for the girl’s football eleven. I have learnt a great deal about teamwork and communication from these experiences as well as finding them enjoyable and

The student could just write the first sentence and expect the reader to see that they have learnt about teamwork and communication. The student does not need to add ‘This has improved my teamwork skills’. However, the form of words in bold type shows that they have reflected on their experiences.

   Example 2

            I have completed a Business Enterprise event, which consisted of group work, problem solving and presentations. I found the event very enjoyable and stimulating. I am now more confident when speaking in public and more forceful in expressing my viewpoint. During class presentations I have used the internet for research and PowerPoint to present my work professionally. I would say my ICT skills are good and would class myself as computer literate.

Here, the words in bold type express what the student feels (s)he has learnt from the experience of the course.

You can see that this is not an easy aspect of writing to judge!

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