Some Frequently Asked Questions

Q How can I write a personal statement about the programme I want to study when I want to apply to three (or more!) different sorts of programme?

A You can’t! It’s possible, but harder, to write a statement that covers two different areas but three simply won’t fit! Remember, your personal statement needs to convince an admissions tutor that you are the right student for their programme and trying to do that for three or more programmes in one personal statement doesn’t work!

Q How far back should I go when mentioning my extra-curricular activities?

A You should only mention those things which help support your application; a long list of everything you’ve done is much less impressive than picking on one or two things and writing about the skills you learned through them.

Q I’m not interesting or unique!

A Yes you are! Everyone has special skills, experiences or achievements to mention. We don’t have any set ideas for what we are looking for, we just want to know what makes you, you.

Q How do I write about skills that I have developed through extra curricular activities and work experience – skills such as communication, teamwork and problem solving.

A. This is not always easy – see the section on writing about skills on the previous page.

Last modified: Tuesday, 30 April 2013, 11:03 AM