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Computer Games Design (2013 Entry)

Gaming is the gateway to the impossible.  A way to immerse yourself by entering stunning fantasy worlds, scaring yourself witless with terrifying horrors, racing through streets at ridiculous speeds, fire-fighting in intense combat, or simply playing a friendly game of cards round a table with friends or family.  It is responsible for a large proportion of how computer technology has advanced over the past decades and it is something I personally have a passion for not only doing, but being a part of creating.  Each game starts as a spark, ignited in the mind of a single person as they see a vision of something amazing. I believe I have that spark.

One of my favourite skills and talents is creative writing.  Outside school I am constantly being inspired to write and think up new ideas on an existing plot, or game especially.  I have currently written many short stories, mainly about Blizzard Entertainment's games and plan on submitting one which I have put many hours into writing for their annual short story competition.  I discovered my love of writing when I had an unexpectedly good response to a sci-fi scenario I handed in for English language, depicting a near-future dystopia.  Furthermore I plan on writing a full length story during my gap year for pure enjoyment, and will also produce a series of hand drawn designs and concept art concerning this novel in practice for a course which requires artistic skills.  I also have experience in writing scripts for theatre and film production, corporate reports and detailed explanations, including a pseudo code for a game.

In the world of game design, individual creativity is not enough, developing ideas in a team and discussing in a positive and enthusiastic nature is key.  Over the years I feel I have become confident with teamwork and leadership skills by doing various sporting, film-production and gaming activities.  I believe I have grown into a reliable and confident individual and plan on taking a gap year to build upon these skills whilst gaining an income in order to help fund anything I will need throughout the course.

Since getting my first personal computer over six years ago I have developed a keen interest in the overall science and technology used within the various systems and software and have, as a result, invested much time and energy into learning about it in order to improve my own system and knowledge base.  In my ICT BTEC we have already touched on game production.  We were asked to individually design and develop a computer game using beginner software.  Though we used an engine with a basic graphical user interface, I would love to move to a higher level system.  I grasped the programming aspect, finding that I can do it with patience and commitment and discovered that the creative part of design is extremely enjoyable and that the end product is hugely satisfying.

Over the past years I have been an amateur mountain biker, snowboarder and guitarist, loving the feeling of accomplishment and risk.  When given an activity I know I can be good at, I will always give it my all.  About six years ago I climbed the highest mountain in the UK.  Though many other people have done this, I got to the summit and I achieved my goal and the feeling was fantastic.

Since playing DUNE 2000 over eleven years ago, to the incredible DayZ phenomena of today, I have been captivated by video gaming.  I am certain that my enthusiasm for games will continue for the entirety of my life.  As technology continues to revolutionize the development and success of these games, there is opportunity to expand creativity, and this is the career I see for myself.


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